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Think Your Dog Park Manners Are Up to the Standard…?

April 4, 2011

Find out by reading my new blog post featured in Pawsh Magazine , appropriately titled “Pawsh Manners in the Park”

Mr. Tobie always lives up to dog park etiquette standards..even on snow days!

Patrick: The Miracle Pit Bull

April 1, 2011

Do Unto Others: Animals Are Entitled To The Same Basic Rights As Humans

Animal cruelty has long horrified me and made me question how people can be so cruel at times. Initially, I aspired to do something in the field of animal law but knew that it may very well make me lose faith in people altogether. Although I was not strong enough to seek employment in the field of animal law, my love and passion for animals inspires me to be active and speak up for our furry friends who can’t speak for themselves.

Therefore, I want to advocate for Patrick, the starved and trash-tossed pit bull. His story captured my heart and I at least want to advocate for awareness of the case if not for financial generosity towards his recovery.

According to, “It was absolutely horrendous,” said Karen Powell, an AHS spokeswoman. “I have seen a lot in my career but this put me over the edge.”

Patrick’s story is one that not even horror story film writers could compose. Maintenance workers were emptying the trash at a Newark apartment complex when they caught a glimpse of something wriggling in the garbage. To their dismay, a near death pit bull was found. Protruding bones, dehydrated and near death the pit bull was transported to the 24-hour Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Once at the veterinary specialists, staff immediately began pumping the pit bull with fluids and covering him with heating blankets. It was there that this miracle pit bull took on the name of Patrick because he survived the night and made it into St. Patrick’s Day.

According to a interview with Chief Bruce Sanchez of Associated Humane Societies on, Chief Sanchez said, “Patrick cried and moaned the entire ride in the ambulance when he was rescued. He had hypothermia and his body was so cold, it wouldn’t register on the thermometer.”

Patrick is progressing daily. His recovery is expected to take months but veterinary specialists are optimistic that he is going to make a full recovery.

You can keep up with Patrick’s progress by the GSVS Facebook page and clicking on “The Patrick Miracle.”

Click here:

The Patrick Movement: Patrick's page has attracted fifty followers in an hour. Let's increase the support!










Also, keep up with the Patrick’s progress on Twitter @patrickmiracle.

Moreover, I want to express my love and appreciation for all of those who are part of “The Patrick Movement.” The support I have seen for Patrick has nurtured a love and trust for people I did not expect to find when looking into a case of animal cruelty.

In the mean time, Patrick’s owner Kisha Curtis (more like torturer) has pleaded not guilty to four counts of animal abuse (as of March 27). Prior to being tossed in the trash Patrick was tied to a railing for a week, which Kisha’s mother claims she did because Curtis hoped someone would adopt the dog. Although I would love to rant and rave about how warped Kisha Curtis is along with her mother and in a sense the staff at the apartment complex (since someone did see the dog tied up) I will save that for discussion boards on some of the sites I have attributed my information from below (especially source three).

Remember readers– do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I truly wish the judge could exemplify this motto with Kisha Curtis…

Mr.Tobie and I express our love and support to Patrick and to those of you out there advocating for the good cause.


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Mr. Tobie’s New (Step) Brosky

March 8, 2011

On a recent venture to good ole’ Texas my dad and step mom surprised me with a new addition to the family–Benson Brutus Couchon. Although my dad grumbled and moaned about having no interest in getting another dog he (unsurprisingly) caved in.

Possible Contributing Factors:

1. Perhaps it was that Valentine’s day was around the corner?

2.Perhaps he had savored one too many Johnny Walkers?

3.Perhaps he is much softer than he lets on (yeah, he’s a total mush).

4. A combination of all the above factors.

Regardless, Benson makes a great addition to the family. Although I am sure Mr. Tobie will be less than fond of Benson’s frolicking and desire to make friends, he’s still his step brother (tough luck Tobie).

And now for the “aww” moment you’ve all been waiting for–Benson Brutus Couchon puppy photos:

Benson is half Jack Russell Terrier and half Rat Terrier.

Natalie debuts Benson the "sailor pup!"


February 9, 2011

I can barely recall who played on Sunday (I am not a huge NFL fan to begin with, which is fine because neither is the rest of the world) but I can definitely recall my favorite commercial. Ironically, my favorite commercial involves dogs (go figure). Without further ado here is my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl.

Drum Roll…

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Post a link or shoot me a tweet!

There’s Nothing Frou Frou About FouFou Dog’s Quality

February 9, 2011

A Smorgasbord of Dog Toys

Finding a dog toy that is durable, entertaining and unique is no easy feat.  Believe me, as a dog mom who has tossed out dismembered squeaky monkeys and tattered bones I know all to well how hard it is to find quality in dog toys. Yet as of late I think Mr. Tobie and I may be on to something with some new toys we recently tested.

Squeak. Crinkle. Rattle. Mr. Tobie has been enjoying playing with some new toys, FouFou Dog sent us for testing (  The unique variety of toys such as crinkly flowerpots, stretchy animals and squeaky slippers, to name a few, has kept us ripping and roaring.

Warning: This is just a toy. Mr. Tobie knows better than to play with human slippers

The “coily toys” are perhaps some of my favorite because they allow for Mr.Tobie and I to interact. Expanding and retracing upon pulling, these toys are slinky like in nature. Moreover these animal themed toys also have a hidden squeaker inside, which poses as a fun surprise when playing.

The “flower baby” toys seem to be catching Mr. Tobie’s fancy at the moment. These crinkly flowerpots have a slinky like stem that allow the head of the flower baby to stretch out. These flowerpots make for great toys for smaller to medium dogs.  (Apparently we really enjoy toys that are slinkyesque. Everyone loves slinkies so it’s only natural to enjoy toys that mimic them.)

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Tobie and I still have some additional toys from FouFou Dog to experiment with but I try not to overwhelm him too much at once.  I fully acknowledge that he is a bit of a spoiled pup but I can’t give into that notion all the time.

One of my favorite things about FouFou Dog is their standard of producing a toy for one season and then improving upon that toy for the following season in order to keep their toys new, improved and trendy at all times. I fully approve.

For more information on FouFou Dog or to purchase some of Mr. Tobie’s newly beloved toys visit

What’s Cooking?

January 22, 2011

Mr. Tobie and I are in the midst of seeking innovative ways to keep our readers engaged. We definitely have some neat blog topics brewing at the moment but we are also interested in wanting to know what YOU, the reader, is interested in seeing.

I recently added an “Our Favorite Things” tab to the blog and soon we will also be adding a “Recipes” tab. We are looking forward to continued engagement with our readers and extending our readership as well.

We want our content to be just as yummy as our "recipe" section!

Together Mr. Tobie and I will see, fit and do things that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Large And In Charge

January 17, 2011

Over my winter break, in North Carolina, we got this mysterious, rare, white, cold substance formally known as snow. I captured Mr. Tobie and I enjoying a romp about outside. I apologize in advance for the laundry list of clichés I use and my lack of directing skills. For those of you who have/had snow I would love to hear about what you and your canine do to make your snow days memorable.


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